The Partnership of Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA), established on 31 May 1988, was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 14 February 1990 as a non-stock service network of social development non-government organizations based in urban centers nationwide. Upon its formation, PHILSSA embarked on a mission of prototyping innovative paradigms of sustainable development for the effective empowerment of urban sectors, namely, the slumdwellers, the formal and informal labor force, the youth, women, children, and the development workers themselves.

As of 2013, the PHILSSA network already comprised 60 partner-NGOs engaged in varied fields of development service, such as education and training, research and documentation, legal service, socio-economic and other technical support, issue and policy advocacy, and other innovative endeavors.



PHILSSA envisions itself as a partnership network and resource center of committed and competent social development practitioners that advocate and work towards an inclusive, transformative and sustainable urbanization with preferential option for poor communities.

1. To strengthen capacities of members on good NGO governance.
2. To enhance sustainability of the network and members in terms of finances, leadership, and other capacities.
3. To build multi-stakeholder partnership models for delivery of integrated social services for poor persons and communities.
4. To promote policy environment that enables inclusive, transformative and sustainable urbanization.