DRR-CCA Advocacy

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Project Title: Pushing the National DRRM/ CCA Advocacy Agenda by Strengthening the Regional Aksyon sa Kahandaan sa Kalamidad at Klima (AKKMA) Groups and Sustaining National Campaigns


 Project Intervention Levels and Partners:

Regional and Meta-Regional:

Aksyon para sa Kahandaan sa Kalamidad at Klima  (AKKMA)

  • National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Region IV-A (CALABARZON)
  • Region IV-B (MIMAROPA)
  • Region V (Bicol)
  • Region VII (Central Visayas)
  • Region X (Northern Mindanao)
  • Region XI (Davao Region)
  • Target Expansion Areas (Possibly Region III, VI, VIII, IX, XII, XIII)


National:  National Agencies and Officials involved in DRR, flood control and Resettlement (Policies and Programmes on DRRM/CCA, Flood Control and Housing and Settlements)

Project Objectives:

A. Over-all Project Objective:

The project aims to push the national Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Adaptation (DRRM-CCA) advocacy by strengthening regional Aksyon para sa Kahandaan sa Kalamidad at Klima (AKKMA) formations and sustaining its national campaigns.

B. Specific Project Objectives:

  1. To promote AKKMA as the national PO network of local DRRM/CCA groups by strengthening its regional groups in seven (7) regions (NCR, Region IV-A, IV-B, V, VII, X and XI) and exploring further expansion in 3-4 other region (possibly Region III (Central Luzon), VI (Western Visayas), VIII (Eastern Visayas), IX (Zamboanga Peninsula), XI (SOCSKSARGEN) and XIII (CARAGA); and
  1. To push AKKMA national DRRM/ CCA advocacy agenda by sustaining national actions and campaigns.


Project Strategies:

  1. Sustaining and Strengthening the 7 AKKMA Regional Groups


Region/ Areas Groups Lead Persons
1.      NCR

     (National Capital Region)


UP-ALL Mega Manila

Jose Morales

Ping Fampulme/ Zacarias Asuncion

2.      Region IV-A




Jaime Evangelista

Melchor Magano

3.      Region IV-B




Mindoro Oriental

Mindoro Occidental

Roy Dabuit

Elizabeth Ibanez

Billy Llanera

Ronald Pagligawan

4.      Region V



SCUPFI (Sorsogon City)

LCSFI (Legazpi City)

NCUPFI (Naga city)


Len Lacay

Lorna Chavez

Dan Ludovice

5.      Region VII

(Central Visayas)

ASIRBA (Cebu City)

SUMAKA (Mandaue City

Jose Calumbay

Rolita Balane/ Colita Paninsoro

6.      Region X

(North Mindanao)

ISM-ANDAM (Iligan City)


Achmad Musa

Ethel Ledevese

7.      Region XI

(Davao Region)

DCUPNET (Davao City)

Coop Fed (Comval)

Jojo Goloran

Ronel Centino



  1. Expanding AKKMA in other regions



Region Lead Groups/ Persons
Region III:

Central Luzon

Pampanga: c/o CONCERN

Tarlac: c/o HIDS

Zambales: Fisher groups

Region VI:

Western Visayas

Cauayan, Negros Occ: KASAMAKA

Bacolod and Bago City c/o BALAYAN

Other PO partners c/o WEVNET

Region VIII:

Esatern Visasyas

Tacloban: c/o UPA

Guiuan: c/o SIKAT

Other PO partners c/o EVNET

Region IX:

Zamboanga Peninsula

ZCUP Confederation c/o ZUPISOCDEV

Other PO partners c/o MINCODE

Region XII:




  1. Pushing the AKKMA DRRM/ CCA Advocacy Agenda


 A. Promotion of CB-DRRM Partnership Models

  1. Promote community-based multi-stakeholder partnerships for DRRM-CCA
  2. Ensure PO representation in DRRM Councils in all levels and in their planning/ budgeting process
  3. Strengthen LGU capacity and accountability for DRRM-CCA

 B. Engagement for Safe and Secure Settlements

  1. Promote people’s planning as a policy and basis for on-site/in-city social housing programs and projects
  2. Develop information exchange and dissemination system for timely sharing of needed information for awareness-raising, contingency planning, and early warning.
  3. Integrate DRRM-CCA in school curricula and training modules/ materials to promote

 C. Advocacy on Policy and Budget Reforms Related to DRRM-CCA

  1. Participate in government budgeting process (both local and national) to ensure that programs, projects and services proposed by communities are funded and implemented.
  2. Advocate for laws, policies and instrumentalities that would promote citizen participation, safe and secure settlements, and DRRM-CCA, such as UDHA Amendments, NLUA, LLCA and related laws
  3. Establish quasi-judicial process with strong CSO participation in addressing environmental and climate justice issues.

 D. Coordination for Humanitarian Emergency Response

  1. Develop coordination mechanism among PHILSSA, AKKMA and other groups for humanitarian emergency response work.
  2. Develop multi-stakeholder partnership among government, community CSOs and other humanitarian actors for humanitarian effectiveness.